“As someone who presents in-depth content to various audiences, Matt Birk and Company has been instrumental in helping me focus and deliver optimal messages. Their many years of experience and expertise have made them a trusted resource whom I will continue calling on.”

Frank Lawrence | The Athletic Clubs

Professional Media Training


A successful media encounter hinges on developing essential skills that will keep you poised and confident when facing tough, experienced journalists.  Your reputation and credibility can depend on your ability to work effectively with the news media.  Sharpening your communications skills can minimize negative news coverage, eliminate viral gaffes, and help ensure that your key messages are heard and understood properly.

Matt will guide you through the importance of having a media encounter strategy and how to make it work in your favor.  His wealth of experience dealing with all facets of the media on a local, regional, and national scale will prepare you for various scenarios and potential stumbling blocks, and empower you to develop the means to use interviews as opportunities to protect your reputation, promote your platform, and further your cause.

The strategies you will learn during this intensive training include:

Preparing for the unexpected

Composure tips and tactics

Message points to further your platform

Command legitimacy through facts

After spending time with Matt learning and honing the skills needed when standing in front of a camera or reporter, you will emerge confident, relaxed, and ready to take command of each and every media encounter.

Professional Presentation Coaching

With countless messages shared continually, an individual’s ability to convey a precise point while building rapport and maintaining the attention of others is crucial to the overall outcome. As a seasoned presenter, Matt recognizes that being able to communicate a complete all-around message is vital; nonetheless, the manner in which it is delivered makes the message either succeed with the audience or plummet. Simply stated, “Understanding a subject matter well and being able to effectively communicate it are two vastly different things.”

Whether coaching clients one-on-one or training in large group settings, Matt teaches fundamental techniques that he has personally implemented throughout his career, proven to obtain positive results.

The areas of concentration Matt teaches have each been scrutinized extensively and can be immediately implemented into the arsenals of frontline employees or mid- and upper-level executives. These areas include:

Approach and delivery of a successful message

Effective vocal delivery and composure

Audience participation and response

Appropriate business communication etiquette

Other components of this interactive training include how to effectively utilize body language, organize thoughts and content, develop and employ visuals and illustrations, manage anxiety, understand group dynamics, respond to audience questions, deliver what you have prepared in the most compelling manner, and exercise proper etiquette within the various means of business communication. Taking into account that 75% of the population has a fear of public speaking, Matt’s presentation strategies will enable you to have greater ease and confidence the next time you are asked to deliver an impactful message.