A Hero Within® – Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders

Today’s youth are tasked with becoming the next generation of influential leaders. At the same time though, they’re increasingly confronted with difficult issues such as suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, peer pressure, depression, cyber bullying, just to name a few. These young minds are in search of a message of affirmation and hope, and resource materials that will help assist them in taking longer strides in learning, life, and legacy.

To answer the need for a robust life-skills curriculum and keynote presentation, the content in A Hero Within®—Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders was created as a life strategy for students to use while they continue to grow and improve personally, emotionally, and intellectually. Anchored by the tools necessary to help shape their lives in the most positive manner, A Hero Within® also encourages students to answer this one incredibly important question: “How do I choose to live my life?”

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