“Matt Birk and Company exceeded our expectations and delivered  the results we were looking for through their dynamic keynote presenters. The messages resonated with the audiences in a very personal and inspirational way.”

– Rodney Chandler | Department of Career Education

Keynote Presentations & Seminars

Energize the Enthusiasm that Exists Within

Being able to define enthusiasm, determine where your particular passions lie, and what can be done to make those passions shine are keys to maintaining enthusiasm. Life can be chaotic and it is easy at times to feel beaten down. This dynamic presentation reinforces the importance of genuine enthusiasm for everyday life. Paul illustrates what an optimistic state of mind can and will do for one’s work ethic while providing concrete examples of morale-boosting ideas. The information participants take from this session will not only emphasize the importance of efficiency, a positive attitude, and a passion toward life, it will also provide them with an incredible advantage in the competitive world today.

All Gas – No Brakes

Do you ever start the day full of energy and optimism, ready to tackle the world, only to have your workflow interrupted by an endless parade of distractions? This not only affects your productivity, it makes for a frustrating existence when you feel like you aren’t performing at your potential. The fact of the matter is we live in a world of nonstop distractions and interruptions. If we don’t learn strategies and employ tactics to counteract these “evil forces,” we will continue to move along at a “slogging” pace. In All Gas – No Brakes, Matt will show attendees what pressures are fighting for our time and attention, and how to mitigate and eliminate potential energy drains. In addition, he will share and equip participants with tangible tools to break free from what holds most people back, enabling them to start performing at their optimal level.

Setting the Tempo for Success

The momentum an individual brings into any environment sets a tempo that affects the end result. During this dynamic presentation, Paul shares concepts that demonstrate the necessity for controlling one’s approach and energy regardless of the surrounding variables and circumstances. Through strategic positioning of actions, reactions, and attitude, each member of a team is directly responsible for the success of the unit as a whole. Research indicates that no matter the industry or employment position, individuals control the outcome of success through the tempos set. Paul developed the proven methods shared during this empowering training to embolden participants to take command of their influential personas in order to improve their environments.

5 Things I Think I Know About Success

Whether being among the best and the brightest at Harvard or with the greatest athletes in the world in the NFL, Matt has been fortunate to spend time with those who are at the top of their games.  In order to survive, he became a student of those who seemed to effortlessly perform at a high level.  Matt wanted to break it down and ultimately see what made these individuals so good at what they did.  In 5 Things I Think I Know About Success, Matt will share his findings that help him thrive in highly competitive environments.

It’s Your Life – Dominate It

As life passes one day to the next, there is no better time than now to challenge and encourage individuals to maximize their potential to the fullest. It’s Your Life – Dominate It inspires attendees to make each moment of their lives count for something special. During Paul’s high-energy presentation, participants can expect to hear in-depth remarks and observations that help generate a more confident and composed approach resulting in a stronger communication skill set and increased overall effectiveness. The concepts presented in this dynamic presentation will captivate and stir individuals to not merely exist, but thrive and excel in this constantly changing world.

Time Management – Harnessing Your Power at Hand

Insufficient time management has the potential of being one of the largest productivity deterrents in the workplace. Developing effective time management skills not only increases efficiency, it lessens stress and improves the overall quality of life—both personal and professional. Learning to recognize and manage distractions, make continual adjustments, and discipline oneself to remain committed to proven habits are tactics that produce results. Throughout the session, Time Management – Harnessing Your Power at Hand, Paul explores these and several other areas of impact.

Choose Simplicity over Complexity

Maintaining simplicity in everyday life might sound like wishful thinking. However, keep in mind that we each control our actions and reactions. If we make a conscious choice to embark down a path, it is our responsibility to follow through with conviction. During Choose Simplicity over Complexity, Paul shares insights critical to being effective through straightforward strategies and consistency in action. With the many decisions required in any given day, it is easy to become overwhelmed and flounder rather than move in a positive direction. By concentrating on choosing simplicity, individuals can achieve their goals, one step at a time.

Leading to Win

Leadership is the X-factor for any organization.  In the NFL, it is the difference between winning and losing.  In business, leadership determines success or failure.  Although every organization has people in leadership positions, that doesn’t mean that those individuals know how to lead, or that anyone is really following them.  During Leading to Win, Matt will break down the abstract concept of leadership and give attendees actionable strategies to implement as they work on developing their very own leadership styles.

Legendary Leadership in Action

Throughout generations there have been those called on to lead: courageous individuals who have taken great interest in the well-being of others. During the presentation Legendary Leadership in Action, Paul demonstrates concepts crucial to becoming a legendary leader. He outlines strategies that are vital for the continued success of any organization. Concepts from expressing genuine interest in mankind to reinventing tendencies and techniques are ideas introduced during this thought-provoking and energetic presentation. Legendary leadership truly is possessing the capacity to translate a vision into reality.

What Makes Teams Great

A collection of talent does not ensure success, just as a 500 horsepower engine doesn’t mean your car is going to go fast.  Everything and everyone must work well together just to have a chance to have a chance.  On great teams, the sum is greater than the parts.  Matt will share the knowledge he gained from playing 15 years in the NFL, as well as working with numerous professional sports teams and corporations during this empowering presentation.  In a time when only about 25% of employees, on average, are engaged in the company’s mission, improving team dynamics is an effective way to get buy-in from your people.  Make your team great and make people want to get on board!

Inspired Teamwork & Leadership

The strength of a team is centered on the individuals who comprise the group; the strength of a leader begins with the team. In Inspired Teamwork & Leadership, Paul details significant traits that bring cohesiveness to any team. Uniting for a common cause, understanding and respecting diversity, and encouraging individuals through positive actions are all elements of this empowering presentation. With the information obtained, attendees will generate a renewed appreciation for collaboration and teamwork, and a keen sense of ownership in the organizational process.

The Character Edge

Often talked about but widely misunderstood, character is the basis for positive relationships and cultures.  This trait is at the foundation of individuals and teams that thrive.  In The Character Edge, Matt uses a scientific and systematic framework to break down the complicated concept of character.  When implemented, this system fosters an “Other People Matter” mindset, creating the ultimate team environment.  Relationships are complex, never easy, sometimes fragile, and always morphing.  The Character Edge can help you and your team navigate through the tricky landscape and ensure your group is thriving and striving to achieve something more.

Succeeding in the Battle for Well-Being

As each of us continues striving toward excellence, we often neglect our own well-being. When this occurs, the consequences can be overwhelming and harsh. In a time when we are asked to achieve significant results–with or without the aid of ample resources–our physical, emotional, and spiritual states can be threatened. Throughout the presentation, Succeeding in the Battle for Well-Being, Paul establishes user-friendly strategies that are essential when moving toward a more balanced existence. Life is made up of a series of choices. Learning to recognize and manage anxiety, make ongoing healthy decisions, and motivate oneself are strategies that equal positive results.

You Choose Your Change

Making a change or an adjustment often produces a certain degree of discomfort. Studies have shown that in order to take action, the disadvantages of a current behavior must be strong enough to encourage an individual to recognize that a change must occur. During this thought-provoking presentation, Paul outlines important concepts that revolve around the idea of change. You Choose Your Change challenges participants to consider each aspect of their lives and how beneficial making a positive adjustment can be. Change is the only constant in life. Embracing the opportunity it provides is reiterated in this empowering session.

Resolving Team Conflict Effectively

Resolving conflict within a team is crucial for optimal results in the areas of productivity, growth, and morale. When continued struggles, animosity, or disagreements become the focal point of various individuals’ attention, the entire organization is affected. During this session, Paul introduces ideas on how to isolate and effectively resolve conflict. Properly executed, conflict resolution causes people to listen to and consider different perspectives, contributing to a positive culture rather than a hostile environment. The concepts put forth in Resolving Team Conflict Effectively will enable individuals to minimize negative behaviors, broaden their alternatives, and manage conflict constructively. Encouraging the acceptance of differing opinions promotes increased collaboration and commitment to the goals and ideals of the team.

Office & Social Media Etiquette for a New Age

The evolving landscape of electronic tools has taken personal as well as professional communication to new levels. The opportunity to share information instantaneously with a client, colleague, or friend through email, social media, and texting not only broadens possibilities for success, it exponentially expands the potential for a negative interactive experience. In this thought-provoking session, Paul shares ideas and strategies to keep personas and reputations intact. Regardless of the tools employed, learning how to practice proper etiquette in the digital age will not only guarantee positive results, but accelerate professional success.

Staring Down Disorganization

If disorganization has become the norm and, as a consequence, a feeling of frustration and being scattered sets in, then it’s time to stare down disorganization and win. During this valuable workshop, Paul encourages participants to become extremely intentional when clarifying priorities, deciding what belongs and what must go, defining a need versus a want, and learning to simplify, simplify, simplify. These concepts, along with a variety of others, are all showcased during the presentation Staring Down Disorganization. Becoming better organized not only takes time but a committed attitude to change deep-seated behaviors. Making adjustments today will produce favorable results tomorrow.

Steps to Success for Effective Meetings

The business world today revolves around a productive exchange of ideas, practices, and goals, typically conducted in a properly facilitated forum. Organized procedures aligned with active and eager participation are often determining factors for a meeting’s effectiveness and success. During the presentation Steps to Success for Effective Meetings, Paul demonstrates the concepts crucial to being an effective facilitator. By following his suggested practices and not being afraid to change how things have been done in the past, meetings can once again become empowering and productive.

Community Support and Partnerships

The infancy of successful programs, social movements, and partnerships begins with a shared vision that over time has the potential to breed greatness within the confines of a community, as well as beyond. For many, what begins as challenging the process is turned into a vision that develops into a greater idea, fueled by those who are encouraged to take ownership in the cause. It is critical that the most effective strategic plan is put in place at the beginning of any project, knowing the limitations of both manpower and dollar power. During this presentation, Paul will challenge participants to focus on details that will help produce positive outcomes.

Wowing Them With Customer Service

Everyone talks about providing quality customer service, but Paul shows organizations how to make this precept the beating heart of daily customer interaction. Participants will learn the necessary skills and attitudes that make providing quality customer care more than a slogan. During Wowing Them with Customer Service, attendees will be encouraged to focus on key aspects of service that help ensure strong business relationships as well as the longevity of financial success. Participants will be reminded that a customer is not dependent on them, they are dependent on the customer; customers are not an interruption of their work, they are the purpose of it; and no one has ever won an argument with a customer.

Sell With Confidence – Unlock Your Potential

If you knock once and there is no answer, then knock again. Very few ideas define the spirit of salesmanship better than this one simple concept. During this spirited presentation, Paul will empower participants by providing strong fundamentals that refine proven methods and increase productivity. The essentials of salesmanship offered during this extensive training will help your team build quality business relationships, learn strategies and techniques to increase the bottom line, and assist individuals in the development and nurturing of trustworthy business relationships, while increasing overall impact.

Transform Bullies to Buddies

Transform Bullies to Buddies is an empowering presentation intended to compel students to recognize their roles in intimidating situations and to change behaviors in order to permanently improve the culture.  Making a change or an adjustment often produces a certain degree of discomfort.  In order to act, the disadvantages of a current behavior must be strong enough to encourage an individual to recognize that a change needs to occur.  During this multi-media presentation, Paul illustrates the importance of recognizing the symptoms and potential outcomes of bullying, understanding and respecting diversity, and encouraging a culture change through positive actions.  Learning to recognize and change the culture of bullying, make ongoing empathetic decisions, and motivate oneself to a position of integrity and inclusion are life strategies that equal positive results.

Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?

We all have dreams and ambitions; however, at times it is easy to become baffled and challenged by the jigsaw puzzle of life. Paul takes the precepts outlined in his bestselling book, Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? and gives participants a user-friendly roadmap for making sense of their life puzzles. During this presentation, he illustrates concepts that enable his audience to make the best out of each opportunity while navigating through the ever-changing puzzle of life. Paul will remind the attendees that every day they are given the chance to encourage people while leaving their mark on the world.

Unleash the Power of YOU

With increasing competition in the workplace today, there is no better time than now to challenge young people to take ownership in their career planning. Regardless of whether individuals choose to attend college or enter the workforce directly after high school, our future will be molded by these youthful minds. In the dynamic presentation Unleash the Power of YOU, Paul encourages students to develop realistic and obtainable goals while achieving their maximum potential. The time is now to continue daring young people to raise their expectations, not only about themselves, but also about the nation that we call home.

The Ultimate College Experience

Many have the opportunity to attend college, but not everyone has a favorable experience. During this presentation, Paul shows current as well as college-bound students how to make this period a defining chapter of life. Paul speaks from his experiences of being the president of his college fraternity, vice president of the student body, a baseball letterman, and a student orientation director. He emphasizes how having the privilege to attend college and earn a degree positions individuals for advancement. Students will be encouraged to make the best of each situation and be reminded that a good education is irreplaceable.

Family Engagement - What A Difference It Makes (Faculty Presentation)

According to the National Education Association, when families choose to be involved in their children’s education positive results occur. From improved student achievement to reduced absenteeism, family engagement is critical for the longevity of educational success. During this interactive presentation, Paul encourages open discussion and shares a number of pertinent ideas and concepts with school personnel. Enlisting the aid and support of families provides a better chance to develop the social, emotional, and academic growth of children. Paul reinforces practices related to the importance between what takes place in the classroom and what takes place at home, while assisting with the goal of fully preparing all students for success beyond high school.

Partners in Achievement - Strengthening the Future (Family Presentation)

Countless studies indicate that to help children reach their full potential family engagement is a must. Improved academic achievement, a greater respect for the overall importance of education, and an eagerness to maximize post-graduation opportunities are only a few of the benefits realized when active families model the way. During the family presentation Partners in Achievement—Strengthening the Future, Paul not only shares a number of thoughts and concepts related to families’ roles in academic growth and success, he also reinforces ideas related to the correlation between what takes place in the classroom and what takes place at home. When motivated families are encouraged to work in conjunction with school personnel, students are inclined to succeed not only in the classroom, but throughout their entire lives, providing a better opportunity for strengthening our children’s future.