“Matt Birk and Company exceeded our expectations and delivered  the results we were looking for through their dynamic keynote presenters. The messages resonated with the audiences in a very personal and inspirational way.”

– Rodney Chandler | Department of Career Education

Keynote Presentations & Seminars

All Gas – No Brakes

Do you ever start the day full of energy and optimism, ready to tackle the world, only to have your workflow interrupted by an endless parade of distractions? This not only affects your productivity, it makes for a frustrating existence when you feel like you aren’t performing at your potential. The fact of the matter is we live in a world of nonstop distractions and interruptions. If we don’t learn strategies and employ tactics to counteract these “evil forces,” we will continue to move along at a “slogging” pace. In All Gas – No Brakes, Matt will show attendees what pressures are fighting for our time and attention, and how to mitigate and eliminate potential energy drains. In addition, he will share and equip participants with tangible tools to break free from what holds most people back, enabling them to start performing at their optimal level.

5 Things I Think I Know About Success

Whether being among the best and the brightest at Harvard or with the greatest athletes in the world in the NFL, Matt has been fortunate to spend time with those who are at the top of their games.  In order to survive, he became a student of those who seemed to effortlessly perform at a high level.  Matt wanted to break it down and ultimately see what made these individuals so good at what they did.  In 5 Things I Think I Know About Success, Matt will share his findings that help him thrive in highly competitive environments.

Faith and Football

Too often we look at highly successful people and try to oversimplify why they are successful—crediting talent, privilege, luck, and so on.  By looking closer and deeper, Matt breaks down the “Success Puzzle” into individual pieces with faith as the common denominator. He demonstrates that none of these principles require any talent; anyone can put them into practice while becoming stronger, wiser, and holier in the process. In Faith and Football, Matt shares the concepts that helped him flourish in competitive situations and succeed professionally, while keeping his faith intact and staying true to the principle of keeping God first, using his talent for God’s glory.

Leading to Win

Leadership is the X-factor for any organization.  In the NFL, it is the difference between winning and losing.  In business, leadership determines success or failure.  Although every organization has people in leadership positions, that doesn’t mean that those individuals know how to lead, or that anyone is really following them.  During Leading to Win, Matt will break down the abstract concept of leadership and give attendees actionable strategies to implement as they work on developing their very own leadership styles.

What Makes Teams Great

A collection of talent does not ensure success, just as a 500 horsepower engine doesn’t mean your car is going to go fast.  Everything and everyone must work well together just to have a chance to have a chance.  On great teams, the sum is greater than the parts.  Matt will share the knowledge he gained from playing 15 years in the NFL, as well as working with numerous professional sports teams and corporations during this empowering presentation.  In a time when only about 25% of employees, on average, are engaged in the company’s mission, improving team dynamics is an effective way to get buy-in from your people.  Make your team great and make people want to get on board!

The Character Edge

Often talked about but widely misunderstood, character is the basis for positive relationships and cultures.  This trait is at the foundation of individuals and teams that thrive.  In The Character Edge, Matt uses a scientific and systematic framework to break down the complicated concept of character.  When implemented, this system fosters an “Other People Matter” mindset, creating the ultimate team environment.  Relationships are complex, never easy, sometimes fragile, and always morphing.  The Character Edge can help you and your team navigate through the tricky landscape and ensure your group is thriving and striving to achieve something more.