A Hero Within® – Measurable Results


During the implementation and completion of the A Hero Within® – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders three-year pilot program, the graduation rate of the students involved increased. The following are comments received by the sponsoring education cooperative:

  • We had an increase by 15-20% in the graduation rate during the first year of the program implementation.
  • Overall there was a very positive response to this program. There was an increase in positive communication, willingness to get along with others, increased work ethic, and increased peer respect.
  • The quality of the curriculum was above average in content, organization and format, discussion questions and writing prompts, and real-life scenarios.
  • The overall class activities were rated above average, including the vocabulary words.
  • Mr. Vitale connected personally with the students and curriculum during the assembly. This put a face with the author.
  • This program provided motivation for students to expand their future education and career goals.
  • Curriculum activities extended student knowledge and caused them to use higher order thinking skills.
  • We have experienced a decreased amount of student referrals from the at-risk population that Mr. Vitale visited, as well as an increase in the number of college applicants. We want to continue this project in the future.
  • The message was very inspirational and motivating to our students.
  • We especially liked the activities, bell ringers, and writing prompts.


The following represent various statistics gathered by Paul while working with students during the A Hero Within® student assemblies and breakout sessions:

  • 62% consider themselves role models
  • 33% consider professional athletes to be positive influences
  • 81% have profiles on Facebook
  • 32% are bullied at school
  • 48% fear failure and rejection
  • 55% send text messages while driving a vehicle
“Paul has worked in our schools for six years, speaking in 27 schools in the area as part of his program, A Hero Within® – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders. It is amazing how both he and his accompanying curriculum relate to students and assist them with their future career plans. The students are very excited when he speaks and have requested him to return each year. Paul is truly a hero in their eyes, as he inspires them to be better people and motivates them to do better in school and in life.” – Kathi Turner | Arkansas Career & Technical Education