Setting the Tempo for Achievement

Whether a student chooses to strive toward the attainment of a post-secondary education or enter the workforce directly, now is the time to continue challenging learners to set the correct tempo for career achievement.

Following much research based on the proven character traits of those who have blazed trails before us, Paul developed the animated presentation Setting the Tempo for Achievement not only to encourage students to realize their maximum potential, but also to showcase individuals who have accomplished unforgettable success. During this interactive multi-media presentation, Paul not only shares in-depth remarks and observations, but challenges students to:

Identify Your Individual TALENT

Continue Perfecting your EDGE

Unleash a Fury of MOTIVATION

Exercise an Abundance of PATIENCE

Recognize Your Range of OPPORTUNITIES

Regardless of the career path one is setting their sights on, it is never too early to begin the preparation process. The more knowledge acquired about a particular occupation, the better equipped an individual will be when taking the next step. While preparing for the workforce, students should feel poised for success as they set the tempo for their own unique achievement! There is no better time than the present to once more instill a sense of self-pride and encouragement in the hearts and minds of students of all ages. This message does just that!

“Your presentation was great! You know exactly how to get and keep the students’ attention. The message was what they needed to hear. There was a teacher saying ‘amen’ and ‘yes’ to everything you said, so your message hit home with the adults as well!”

Steve Geurin | Henderson Middle School

Additional Education Presentations

Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?

We all have dreams and ambitions; however, at times it is easy to become baffled and challenged by the jigsaw puzzle of life. Paul takes the precepts outlined in his bestselling book, Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? and gives participants a user-friendly roadmap for making sense of their life puzzles. During this presentation, he illustrates concepts that enable his audience to make the best out of each opportunity while navigating through the ever-changing puzzle of life. Paul will remind the attendees that every day they are given the chance to encourage people while leaving their mark on the world.

Unleash the Power of YOU

With increasing competition in the workplace today, there is no better time than now to challenge young people to take ownership in their career planning. Regardless of whether individuals choose to attend college or enter the workforce directly after high school, our future will be molded by these youthful minds. In the dynamic presentation Unleash the Power of YOU, Paul encourages students to develop realistic and obtainable goals while achieving their maximum potential. The time is now to continue challenging young people to raise their expectations, not only about themselves, but also about the nation that we call home.

The Ultimate College Experience

Many have the opportunity to attend college, but not everyone has a favorable experience. During this presentation, Paul shows current as well as college-bound students how to make this period a defining chapter of life. Paul speaks from his experiences of being the president of his college fraternity, vice president of the student body, a baseball letterman, and a student orientation director. He emphasizes how having the privilege to attend college and earn a degree positions individuals for advancement. Students will be encouraged to make the best of each situation and be reminded that a good education is irreplaceable.

Family Engagement – What a Difference It Makes (Faculty Presentation)

According to the National Education Association, when families choose to be involved in their children’s education positive results occur. From improved student achievement to reduced absenteeism, family engagement is critical for the longevity of educational success. During this interactive presentation, Paul encourages open discussion and shares a number of pertinent ideas and concepts with school personnel. Enlisting the aid and support of families provides a better chance to develop the social, emotional, and academic growth of children. Paul reinforces practices related to the importance between what takes place in the classroom and what takes place at home, while assisting the goal of fully preparing all students for success beyond high school.

Partners in Achievement – Strengthening the Future (Family Presentation)

Countless studies indicate that to help children reach their full potential family engagement is a must. Improved academic achievement, a greater respect for the overall importance of education, and an eagerness to maximize post-graduation opportunities are only a few of the benefits realized when active families model the way. During the family presentation Partners in Achievement—Strengthening the Future, Paul not only shares a number of thoughts and concepts related to families’ roles in academic growth and success, he also reinforces ideas related to the correlation between what takes place in the classroom and what takes place at home. When motivated families are encouraged to work in conjunction with school personnel, students are inclined to succeed not only in the classroom, but throughout their entire lives, providing a better opportunity for strengthening our children’s future.