“The insight and guidance you have offered my organization and me have been crucial, not only to building our brand, but growing our bottom line.”

– Glen Johnson | Blue Flame Minerals

Consulting Services

The following four areas are offered to both individuals and companies to assist in becoming stronger leaders in their respective industries. Matt Birk and Company brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to each client served, always searching for ways to increase overall growth and improvement. Click HERE to download a brief overview of all of our additional services!

Organizational Diagnostics

An organization armed with a precise analysis of the business environment experienced by its clientele is better positioned to implement systematic countermeasures in order to alleviate shortfalls and continue improving. Through a methodical diagnostic process, your consultant at Matt Birk and Company will analyze the overall customer experience imparted by your company and its team, offer tangible remedies, and implement a system of accountability to achieve measurable outcomes. Focusing on internal and external processes, employee engagement, environmental stimuli, and the challenges and events that send your clients to the competitor, your success architect will investigate, analyze, and interpret the research, offering solutions to maximize value and achieve ongoing results. The high level approach Matt Birk and Company takes to deliver an expert assessment of your organization and the associated performance improvements recommended consists of four mutually supportive building blocks:


Investigate the client experience and evaluate shortfalls as a mystery consumer


Analyze client database/application systems and ongoing communication methods


Train team members on identified countermeasures and improvements


Further universal outreach through systematic marketing and branding support

Sales Management Solutions

To insure your sales force maintains peak performance, Paul has developed a specialized training for sales managers. Utilizing the companion instructor’s guide for his book, Sell With Confidence, this intense workshop encourages managers to maximize their teams’ potential no matter the product, service, cause, or idea being promoted. Instructing through a step-by-step review of the concepts detailed in his book, Paul will coach managers on how to lead others to take hold of practical ideas, polishing sales methods and increasing productivity, to include: (1) how to handle objections gracefully; (2) methods utilized to transform leads into sales; and (3) techniques used when honing an effective approach. Thought-provoking lesson objectives, discussion points, interactive activities, self-directed learning challenges, scripting, and role-play scenarios make this dynamic training an effective tool for those determined to sharpen their sales teams’ skills, helping your organization continue to prosper well into the future. As an added bonus, each participant will receive a complimentary copy of Sell With Confidence as a reinforcement of the concepts learned in this empowering training.


Entrepreneurship is, and should be, an exciting and rewarding endeavor for anyone who chooses to pursue it. However, regardless of the type of entrepreneur you are, there are pitfalls to maneuver. Based on his decades of experience as a successful small-business founder and owner, and now as president of Matt Birk and Company, Paul consults with individuals launching new endeavors as well as those who have been at the helm for years.

Paul’s initial focus is creating and/or redefining a logical approach based on the results of an in-depth SWOT analysis conducted in order to achieve maximum outcomes. Through an extensive evaluation period, Paul will offer structured support and guidance as all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are defined and discussed. This process will be of enormous assistance as the following components are characterized and established:


The clearly defined goals and objectives of your desired concept


The tracking and organization of client information


The principles and ideology you deem significant


The inventory of all sales tools and the overall sales process being used


The specific tasks and activities visualized to achieve your end result


The most effective branding, advertising, and publicity approach


The established plan for your short- and long-term achievement


The clear discernment of your potential rivals


The distinclty identfied sector of your targeted clientele


The most precise methods of utilizing current applications

Career Coaching

Whether you are planning to graduate from a secondary or post-secondary institution, are a seasoned professional, or fall somewhere in-between, both Matt and Paul can assist you in identifying a rewarding career path, help maneuver your transition, and offer continued support and guidance throughout your progression. By drawing on their experience and that of many others, you will be encouraged to embark on a mission of self-discovery that will help you pinpoint your interests, preferences, and passions toward a career.

Through a detailed career assessment you will learn more about who you are, the abilities and talents you possess, what your vision of success is, and the most effective path to achieving it. This process produces enormous results when wanting to close the gap between your present situation and future ambitions.

Based on the results from your evaluation, specific solutions and recommendations will be offered in conjunction with a forward-focused framework that will encourage action and accountability. By clearly defining and articulating your desires, challenges, and reservations, your unique pathway will become more evident and much easier to completely embrace.

In addition, extensive coaching will be provided in the following three critical areas of career development:

Résumé and cover letter development

Interviewing and communication skills

Business and technology etiquette